I awoke one afternoon to the sound of my pounding heartand the emptiness of incompletion collapsing my flesh and riping apart the remnants of the child that time had raped. A stark and pale reality echoed the result of logic having been applied to the dreams and visions which separate the inspired from the wasted and the dreamer from the fool. Consumed in the useless anger of what could have been, and wasn't, I pried my soul from its piteous state and vowed to complete the cycle and face the monster so that I could know it and be done with it until I willingly chose. However, summoning back the monster and looking it in the eyes, I found it not frightening, but rather inviting. And, that which I had summoned, like a child desperately trying to return to the same dream after being awakened, has again come alive. And, in the end I shall carry on with the monster as my companion and the foolish gleam of knowing in my eyes.

Ann Boleyn


When the past becomes the future
And tomorrow fades to grey
Electric lights will start to flicker like the flame
Remind you of the debt

See the voices in the hallway
Hear him watching from behind
In the morning they will carry you away
Experiment to take away your mind
A conscience of destruction-he has none
No place left to hide-nowhere to run
When your standing in the shadow of the
	evil one

Stalking flies in the window
Chasing rats around the floor
Come tomorrow they will chain you to the bed
Forget what you were like the day before
In the name of science it is done
No place left to hide-nowhere to run
When your standing in the shadow of the evil one

Instruments of torture will intensify the pain
Ice pick in postion-a tap is all it takes!
No excuse for sanity-the evil one: My Prey
I hide in the shadows-a debt I must repay

Ann Boleyn

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