Mail from C. Dean Andersson Re: "One Rode to Asa Bay"
From: "C. Dean Andersson" 
Subject: Bathory Lives!

Gavin-- my congratulations on a wonderful BATHORY page!  I am looking
forward to exploring all the links.  It's great having the lyrics
written out... thanks!  By the way, I was glad to see that the
dedication of "One Rode to Asa Bay" was also given, since that "Dean
Anderson" is me (and actually, it's Andersson--my father immigrated to
the USA from Sweden when he was a boy and managed to keep his double "s"
in spite of the immigration officers of that time trying to
"Americanize" all "foreign" names... of course everyone in the USA is
actually a foreigner, except for people with Native American blood!).  

On the chance you might be interested in how that dedication came about,
in early '88 I was working on a novel about Elizabeth Bathory.  Two of
the main characters were metal fans (the book, a paperback called RAW
PAIN MAX, was published here in the USA in Dec. '88--it has a
contemporary setting, mostly, and takes place, mostly, in and around
Dallas, Texas (I was living in Dallas at the time) the book
progresses, one of those two characters, a young woman named Trudy,
learns she is the reincarnation of the infamous Blood Countess--Trudy
also appears in my novel of '94, FIEND, a story set at a Dallas comic
book convention involving the immortal Medea (she was framed, Jason
having been the real killer of their children, and she isn't too keen on
Euripides, either, that libelous hack!)).  So (back to RAW PAIN MAX) of
course I wanted a quote from Quorthon's "Woman of Dark Desires" in the
front of the book and wrote to him for permission to quote.  He wrote
back and gave it.  In thanks, I sent him some of my earlier novels.  He
was beginning his change from Black Metal to Viking Metal at the time,
and it turned out he especially liked a sword and sorcery trilogy I had
written under the pen name of Asa Drake, three tales featuring a woman
warrior, Bloodsong, in an ancient Scandinavian setting, WARRIOR WITCH OF
of HAMMERHEART, I then discovered that he had dedicated "One Rode to Asa
Bay" to me, and I take the Asa in Asa Bay to be related to my pen name,
Asa Drake.  I later dedicated (in part) another novel to Quorthon,
BURIED SCREAMS ('92), featuring characters with Swedish ancestry and set
in a small Kansas town that happened to have certain similarities to the
one in which I was born and raised.  A few years ago I also wrote an
article about the Viking Metal of BATHORY for a Nordic NeoPagan

Thanks again (and again my congratulations) on that wonderful BATHORY
page! --

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