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cover of first album


Bathory are the original, and definitely the best Swedish `Black Metal' band. The very early albums, particularly their eponymous first album, and to a lesser extent "The Return ..." are heavily Venom-influenced, but they quickly developed their own very distinctive style, embodied in "Under the sign of the Black Mark" and "Blood Fire Death". Nordic influences, intimations of which are already present in "Blood Fire Death" in the title song and "A Fine Day to Die" take over from the so called `Black Metal' style with the album "Hammerheart" (the cover depicting a Viking funeral) and the music becomes more melodic in the later albums.

Quorthon has also recorded two Solo Albums , containing material quite differnent to that released as Bathory.

cover of UTSOTBM

Most albums are recorded by a trio, but all music and lyrics are by Quorthon , who is unquestionably the central figure in the band. Two musicians credited on the early albums go by the names of Vvornth (drums) and Kothaar (bass).

Bathory Lore

NEW! Again, from Alkaid, a translation of the latin inscription from Hammerheart; That phrase was a monastic litany found in the Lindisfarne monastery in Northumbria; bothered year after year by the Norse raids, those poor monks came up with the aforementioned prayer. ( Check out also, "The Battle Of Lindisfarne" song on Enslaved's latest work "Eld", about the battle on which the english definitively expelled the Norse from their land in 793 ad ). A furore normannorum.... Translation:
"From the fury of the Northmen,
Deliver us, O Lord for your outmost grace.
Saving our bodies and possessions,
From the fierce nordic people who lays waste to our kingdoms,
Deliver us, God."
I noticed these before, but I forgot about them, anyway, Alkaid points out that there are two acrostics in "Blood Fire Death". Take the first letter of each line of "The Gold Walls of Heaven" and "Dies Irae" and you get two hidden "messages" ;^).

If anyone can provide any extra stuff not already here such as explanations to some of the terms in the lyrics then I'll put them in.

According to Adam, Equimanthorn is the name for a God of War. From Perechon, Quorthon is actually the name of a half-god, half-demon monster. Also, check out Perechon's Bathory History Page giving a detailed history of the development of the band.

Author, C. Dean Andersson explains how the dedication on "One Rode to Asa Bay" came about. Send me some Bathory lore, and your name could be here too!

Sleeve notes to Blood on Ice , again thanks to Serge .

I've put together a short biography of the Countess Bathory, a.k.a. Erszbet Bathori, Blood Countess of Cachtice, Blutgrafin, etc.

NEW! (5/2/98) Thanks to Francisco, a sinister text and poem he got with his copy of "Under the Sign". Turns out it was a song by another band completely. I'll dig out the details if anyone is interested.

New! Discography

cover of bathory Bathory
Serial No.: BMCD 666-1
Year: 1984
cover of the return The Return...
Serial No.: BMCD 666-2
Year: 1985
cover of utsotbm Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Serial No.: BMCD 666-3
Year: 1987
cover of Blood Fire Death Blood Fire Death
Serial No.: BMCD 666-4
Year: 1988
cover of Hammerheart Hammerheart
Serial No.: BMCD 666-5
Year 1990
cover of Twilight of the Gods Twilight of the Gods
Serial No.: BMCD/LP/CT 666-6
Year: 1991
cover of Jubileum I Jubileum I
Serial No.: BMCD/CT 666-7
Year: 1992
cover of Jubileum II Jubileum II
Serial No.: BMCD/CT 666-8
Year: 1993
cover of Requiem Requiem
Serial No.: BMCD 666-10
Year: 1994
cover of Octagon Octagon
Serial No.: BMCD 666-11
Year: 1995
cover of Blood on Ice Blood on Ice
Serial No.: BMCD 666-12
Year: 1996
cover of Quorthon - Album Quorthon - Album
Serial No.: BMCD 666-9
Year: 1994
(No picture) Quothon - Purity of Essence
Serial: BMCD 666-13
(Double set, 100 mins)
Year: 1997

Bathory Lyrics

Well, to start with, I have lyrics to most of the albums, all lyrics are copyright (c) Quorthon.

Just click on the song titles to go directly to them. I have written a program which converts automatically from lyrics archive format to HTML. Mail me in you're interested.

The interested fan might care to compare Blood on Ice to Sabbat's Dreamweaver, itself a concept album based on Brian Bates Way of Wyrd. Walkier's vocals are not to everyone's taste, but I think the lyrics read like poetry...

As you can see, I've finally typed in the lyrics to Blood on Ice

cover of Blood on Ice
But there are still some albums missing!. If you have the lyrics to any of the albums not included above, then please help out! (Thanks to Kamil for the picture).

NEW! Guitar Tab

The tab collection is coming along nicely, thanks to everyone who has contributed!

Special thanks to chief tab-hunter Francisco Rocha for the tab and links!

Sites with tab:

The tab:

If anyone else has ANY BATHORY TAB, then I'd REALLY appreciate it if they sent it to me (I'll incorporate it into this document).

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The link list really needs cleaning out as I expect many of the links no longer work. If you come across a link that is out of date or definitely defunct, then let me know... I am actually working on this now - just a little more patience!


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